We have a variety of pupae for sale. Quantities and species are subject to season and supply. Please Contact Us for availability. Please click on Packages & Prices for prices, cost of postage, packing and delivery.

The species listed below are a guide to what we can supply. For more information about individual butterflies species, click on the names of the butterflies or see Species Information.

Species usually available year round.

  1. Bullet Varied or Common Eggfly

Species usually available from late September to May.

  1. Bullet Monarch/Wanderer

  2. Bullet Lesser Wanderer

  3. Bullet Lurcher

  4. Bullet Blue Triangle

  5. Bullet Lemon Migrant

  6. Bullet Chequered Swallowtail

  7. Bullet Common Crow

  8. Bullet Cruiser

  9. Bullet Large Grass Yellow

  10. Bullet Orchard Swallowtail

Species sometimes available July to September.

  1. Bullet Black Jezebel

  2. Bullet Scarlet Jezebel

  3. Bullet Jezebel Nymph

Species less readily available.

  1. Bullet Yellow Migrant

  2. Bullet Pale Triangle

  3. Bullet Dainty Swallowtail

  4. Bullet Blue Tiger

  5. Bullet Tailed Emperor

Protected species. (NOTE - Live specimens can only be supplied to licensed breeders.)

  1. Bullet Cairns Birdwing

  2. Bullet Ulysses butterfly