Live Learning Kits



Enjoy the wonder of a butterfly life cycle. Kits can be used at home and in the classroom - from kindergarten to high school. Prepared by a teacher for teachers and students to learn from and enjoy. Experience the real thing with a Live Learning Kit.

A full kit includes:

  1. Bullet"Butterflies in Your Classroom"

        - This book has instructions on the use of the Live Learning Kit, a great

            deal of Graded Reference Material and reproducible Lesson Activities

            for various class levels.

  1. Bullet Butterfly eggs and/or larvae (caterpillars)

  2. Bullet Potted host plants to feed the larvae

  3. Bullet An enclosure kit

        - The enclosure takes five minutes to assemble and can be used year

            after year.

A laminated poster of ten butterfly life cycles is an optional extra.

A booklet listing many local butterflies and their host plants is also available.

Kits are best used in Terms 1, 2 and 4 each school year. Development from eggs to butterflies takes five to six weeks.

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